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Who we are

We have chosen to be a small-sized organization, allowing us to guarantee tailor-made management of orders. We are the ideal partner for the development and industrialization of complex mechanical components and assemblies, produced in small series, with superior quality standards.

The work teams

Technical staff

The highly qualified technical department staff can industrialize the manufacturing of each product, formalizing the production process with work cycles and control plans.
This makes it possible to ensure the repeatability and conformity of supplies.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The team verifies the products’ conformity to requirements and provides measurement protocols for both the finished component and the various process steps.


Founded in 1953 as Emmeci Meccanica Canziani, we supplied key companies in the textile, aerospace, medical, and plastics fields over the years. In the 1960s, we became the technology center for precision machining for the Cannon Group, which incorporated it in 2007, giving it its current name. During its evolution, Micromec has acquired important know-how, which it transfers to its products, manufactured by implementing processes that achieve the required quality standards.

The Cannon Group

We are part of the Cannon Group, an international machinery manufacturing holding, which comprises more than 30 companies and branches worldwide. Dedication to continuous innovation and a strong commitment to reducing the ecological footprint are the drivers of all the Group’s technology developments, with a clear focus on energy efficiency, resource consumption reduction, and emissions reduction.

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